About Me

about me

I love the outdoors and I love exploring new places with my family. On one of these trips, I noticed my 3 year old daughter was really interested in really small plants, insects, stones and pebbles. After doing some research, this is where I first heard of a terrarium. A magical, miniature garden contained in a small bowl.

As we both also absolutely love animals of all kinds, I started to do more research to see if it was possible to keep animals in terrariums. Through my research, I started to learn all about terrariums, vivariums, and paludariums and the many creatures that are able to live in these types of enclosures.

Like any other small child, they love all things tiny and as a girl she loves fairies. She just loves to use her imagination and that is where fairy gardens come into the picture. I soon learned the possibilities were endless.

There were so many different types of fairy gardens and so many types of things you could make them out of, it gives us an opportunity to really use our imaginations and creativity. We love looking for things we can use when we explore around us and I have learned that anything can be used.

This website is a combination of my passion for plant terrariums and animal vivariums/paludariums, and my daughter’s love of fairy gardens. I hope you enjoy the information I have found and that it helps you with your own creations.